Castillo de Canena

Castillo de Canena is one of the best EVOO producers recognized internationally and the only EVOO company in the world with three of its references awarded with the maximum score in the Flos Olei Guide (most prestigious guide published in Italy to the world best EVOOs).

Flos Olei Guide for year 2018 has awarded Family Reserve Picual – one of the flagship of Castillo de Canena, with a very special prize:  “The world’s best olive oil” . They have chosen Family Reserve Picual among more than 500 olive oils that are included in their publication. In addition, Family Reserve Picual has been awarded with 99 points, the highest score in the Flos Olei Guide.

Castillo de Canena is the Vaño family business with olive tradition since 1780. Company takes its name from the family castle nestled in the hills of the township of Canena, in the region of Andalusia, Spain. The 15th century castle, originally built without royal permission and converted to a magnificent palace in the 16th century, is a monument to the great history of the area.

Castillo de Canena produces a variety of high quality extra virgin olive oils from their grove, the Conde de Guadiana, using cutting-edge techniques, while still maintaining the traditions passed down through the family over generations.

Castillo de Canena waits every year for the perfect moment to begin harvest. When the temperature, moisture and flavor characteristics hit their peak. The first day of harvest culls all of these perfect olives, and they have decided to turn them into a limited edition Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils. All of the intense, pungent flavors that we know and love from their family reserve oils are amplified in the “First Day of Harvest” oils. Their arbequina extra virgin simply shimmers with flavors of green grass, banana, green apple, almond and herbs. The picual oil is a stunner, with fig, tomato leaves, artichoke, banana, and a spicy finish that will beg you to pour it over roasted veggies and hearty tomato sauces.

In celebration of the harvest, every year Castillo de Canena chooses an influential artist to help design a unique label.

It’s not only about the best olive oils production but also about sustainability & innovation to protect the environment.

At Castillo de Canena, the tree’s natural life cycle is nurtured, combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology and scrupulous respect for the environment. The groves are Integrated Production certified, a sustainable farming system using natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace polluting inputs, improve soil fertility and diversify the environment.

All of the Castillo olive trees are totally machine-accessible and the groves are equipped with drip irrigation systems. Nine precision agricultural weather stations control variations in the diameter of the tree trunks, the climatic conditions, the soil and humidity in the area with a view to optimizing water resources available for irrigation. The electric power needed to run the orchard is obtained by onsite solar energy plants and all pruning are used for biomass. And Castillo de Canena is the first Integrated Producer of olive oil capable of monitoring its carbon footprint.