Nobleza del Sur

From year 1640 – common values and a family.

Aceites Nobleza del Sur is nowadays a symbol of love to land, illusion and constancy to this noble and mythic tree that makes up Jaén landscape, unique in the world.

Since 1640, Miguel Sánchez Sagra, direct ancestor of the family takes hold the family olive tradition acquiring an olive plantation in Los Añadios-Jaén, Andalucía, Spain and 12 generations later, Peñuelas-Sagra family continues working and taking care of this same olive grove maintaining is agricultural activity.

Peñuelas-Sagra family have been witnesses of this amazing job transmitted generation by generation, which has lead them to a new project, to build the own mill in order to obtain of the olive trees the great quality they possess, being Centenarium Premium the greatest exponent that represents them, just as each bottle contains the feeling of a family and their values.

Aceites Nobleza del Sur possess a surface of more than 300 hectares of olive fields in different places of Jaen province-Andalucía.

Each extra virgin Peñuelas-Sagra family elaborates born in different olive groves with characteristics typical of the soil that give it its personality, character and fruity profile as consequence of a unique continental Mediterranean microclimate and fertile lands close to Guadalimar river.

The most prestigious Centenarium Premium is obtained from “Vista Alegre” farm located in the heart of Jaén countryside. This farm enjoys a unique Mediterranean microclimate with plenty of morning dews by its proximity to Guadalimar river, which influences in its excellent connotations giving it its differentiator seal.

“Joined to the family olive tradition involved in the care of our family olive fields during more than three generations of workers, we have maintained a link and compromise overcoming time barrier and generational one, implied united in the development of a common project; love to land, compromise, team effort…with the common objective of progress day-to-day the good to know cultivate using agricultural practices respectful with nature to offer a high quality PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We are proud to keep on working as a team three generations united.” Peñuelas-Sagra family.