Basilico Fresco/ Basil Frantoio Muraglia

40 PLN (VAT Incl.)

About product

Flavored Oils, seasoning based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh fruits and plants – the Magic of Italian EVOO.

Limone (Lemon) – 75% of EVOO and 25% of fresh IGP lemon fruits,

Peperoncino (Chilli) – 95% of EVOO and 5% of fresh Calabrian chillies,

Sedano (Celery) – 80% of EVOO and 20% of fresh celery,

Zenzero (Ginger) – 90% of EVOO and 10% of fresh ginger,

Aglio (Garlic) - 90% of EVOO and 10% of fresh garlic,

Basilico (Basil) - 90% of EVOO and 10% of fresh genovese basil d.o.p.

Bargamoto (Bergamot) - 75% EVOO and 25% fresh bergamot

These are the taste variations that enliven and fuse Frantoio Muraglia’s extra virgin olive oil and they are synonymous with Excellence and Fusion. Cooking Italian recipes will be much easier and more tasty with flavored olive oil collection.

The aromatic bouquets in which all ingredients are revered and celebrated. The Rocca Imperiale IGP Lemons and Bergamot are perfect with fish dishes, Celery produced in Apulia and Ginger can be paired with crudités, salads and legume soups, while Calabrian Chillies enrich pizzas and give life to the alchemy of the delicate yet pronounced taste. Fresh Garlic and Basil will be your secret ingredient for pasta or pizza.

The aroma that makes the essence.
The essence that imparts excellence.


Type: flavored , premium EVOO

Size: 200ml

Country: Italy

Region: Apulia

Harvest: November

Gift box: not included

Intensity: medium

Intensity: medium