ECO DAY 2020/2021 + box

73 PLN (VAT Incl.)

About product

ECO DAY from a New Ecological line of exceptional EVOO, produced exclusively by Nobleza del Sur -  the family of olive oil masters since 1640.

This premium ecological EVOO is produced exclusively from Picual olives grown on the family-owned farm of Nobleza del Sur in the fertile region of Jaén, an area in Southern Spain renowned for its abundant sunshine and unique microclimate. The olives are harvested early in October and crushed at their local family mill, resulting in the oil that is wonderfully aromatic and fruity.

ECO DAY represented by THE BEE, a key daytime pollinator for agriculture and food worldwide. A biological health indicator of Nobleza del Sur olive groves. Climate change and the use of pesticides and insecticides have threatened them with extinction, so Nobleza del Sur protects them and offers natural conditons for life.

ECO DAY is described as a fruity olive oil with herbaceous and fruity green tons such as banana peel and apple. In mouth it is balanced with a noticeable green, fresh profile and a light bitter and spicy. Fresh and delicious.

ECO DAY has a wide connection with all type of dishes elaboration, e.g. meat, fish and selfish, in raw or in different sauces elaboration, pastas and pizzas, elaboration and seasoning of different dishes, semi-hard cheese (gouda, port salut…) and hard cheese (parmesan, pecorino,…), salads, vegetables, desserts, half-melted chocolat ice-cream with squama salt. Enjoy:)


Type: gift box , organic EVOO , premium EVOO

Size: 500ml

Country: Spain

Region: Andalusia

Variety: Picual

Harvest: First half of October

Acidity: 0,1

Gift box: included

Intensity: medium