Intense Fruity Frantoio Muraglia

50 PLN (VAT Incl.)

About product

Intense Fruity Monocultivar Coratina Olive Oil – the Quinn of Italian EVOO.

“CORATINA IS THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION  OF A LAND OF GREAT OLIVE OILS. POWERFUL. ASTONISHING. DOWN TO EARTH. AUTHENTIC. I’m grateful to Savino Muraglia because he has managed to restore dignity to this cultivar, which reflects so many aspects linked to a people and their land, and which therefore cannot but be spicy  with a bitter overtone at the same time. It is characterized in that it contains three times the antioxidant poliphenols of any other variety of olive oil. I MUST ADMIT THAT I WOULD FIND IT HARD TO COOK ANYTHING WITHOUT THIS OLIVE OIL IN MY KITCHEN. When I think of Coratina I recall my grandmother’s bread served “all’acquasale”. Stale bread soaked in cold water, salt and a lot of fresh vegetables. That’s when you realize that Coratina can introduce modern palates to old dishes. RAW VEGETABLES AND SALADS ARE PERFECT, BUT LEGUME SOUPS ARE IN A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN”

Luciano Matera, owner of  “Il Turacciolo”, Food & Wine Bar – Andria, Italy


Type: premium EVOO

Size: 500ml

Country: Italy

Region: Apulia

Variety: Coratina

Harvest: November

Acidity: 0,14

Gift box: not included

Intensity: robust