Only for Children 2020/2021

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About product

Only for Children EVOO - special and unique in taste and quality.  Nobleza del Sur - the family of olive oil masters since 1640 have launched in 2018 kid-friendly olive oil, which have a fruity flavor to encourage individual healthy food experience of the youngest ones.

Only for Children is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil [EVOO] fruity and light which provides a nice flavor to foods in the most important growth and development period of children. Sweet and fresh aromas highlighting fruity notes as apple and banana.

The olive oil is made within 4 hours from the harvesting of olive fruits. 8 to 10 kg olives are used for 1 liter of olive oil (compare to 3-5 kg of olives for 1 liter of non premium, regular olive oil). Which gives in the end a delicious and healthy EVOO.

For Babies: You can start using Only for Children olive oil to cook for your baby as soon as she/he is six months old. But of course, you should consult your doctor first. If your doctor says it’s okay, you can start adding olive oil to your baby’s diet as soon as she/he is ready for solids. You can add a spoonful of Only for Children oil to your baby food daily. It’s a great way to introduce new flavors to your baby.

For Toddlers and Older Children:
You can prepare your child’s daily food with Only for Children olive oil. Kids this age usually love fried food. If you use olive oil, you’ll be making fried food ‘healthy’! The smoke point of EVOO is higher than most average cooking temperatures and olive oil contains oleic acid Omega-9, which is monounsaturated fatty acid that is naturally resistant to oxidation. You can also use Only for Children olive oil for baking. If you have a foodie for a child, you can use EVOO as the afternoon snack e.g. bread with oil, fresh cheese and tomato, salad dressing and serve her/him a bowl full of health.

Benefits of EVOO for Kids:
Your kid’s health is a priority for you. And extra virgin olive oil is a natural gift of health. Here are some of the major reasons extra virgin olive oil should be part of your little child’s diet:

  1. Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer
  2. Promotes Brain Development
  3. Rich in Vitamins (A, E, D)
  4. Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy
  5. High on 'good' Calories
  6. Reduces Risk of Obesity
  7. Helps with ADHD Symptoms.



Type: for children , premium EVOO

Size: 250 ml

Country: Spain

Region: Andalusia

Variety: Arbequina , Picual

Gift box: included

Intensity: medium


2020 Olive Japan


golden medal