Tradicion 1640 set 2020/2021

100 PLN (VAT Incl.)

About product

A new Arbequina and Picual extra virgin olive oil from Nobleza del Sur, andalusian olive masters since 1640.

Tradicion 1640 Arbequina from early harvest is identified as bright deliacte green oil with intense herbaceous and fruit aromas. Sweet fragrances like green apple, banana and green almond. Balanced bitter and spicy. In mouth it reminds the olfactory complexity and persistence over time.

Made from 9 to 14 kg of olive for 1 liter of oil.

Tradicion 1640 Arbequina has a wide connection with:

- fish and shellfish, boiled or grilled

- fruit salads

- desserts

- sauces and carpaccios.

Tradicion 1640 Picual from early harvest is identified and distinguished by an immediate clean, fresh, green, fruity feeling and herbaceous natural fragrances. Great aromatic complexity evoking reminiscences of plants coexisting in Nobleza del Sur olive grove, highlighting the olive leaf, wheat grass, lavender, fruity notes of tomato and green banana, green apple and green almond. Its persistence over time is intense and elegant.

Made from 9 to 14 kg of olive for 1 liter of oil.

Tradicion 1640 Picual has a wide connection with:

- all type of meat dishes

- fish and shellfish, in raw or in sauces elaboration

- pastas, pizzas

- cheeses, semi-hard (e.g. gouda, port salut) and hard (parmesan, pecorino)

- desserts, half-melted chocolate ice-cream with squama salt.


Type: premium EVOO , set , table olive oil

Size: 2 x 500 ml

Country: Spain

Region: Andalusia

Variety: Arbequina , Picual

Harvest: November

Acidity: 0,1

Intensity: medium

Intensity: robust