Be the Olive Oil Sommelier for your loved ones.

Have a good time with your family and friends, play with olive oil like with a wine tasting.


Host your own Olive Oil Tasting Party and discover individual preferences. 

By tasting different olive oils, you start building your knowledge – about different varieties, intensity, one brand over another, one origin over another, etc.

Remember, taste is a purely personal experience. Respect the differences and appreciate the similarities. Enjoy the experience with our tasting form.

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The way to discover the true characteristics of olive oil is to taste as follows: 

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Select three different types of olive oil, e.g. Macanilha from Portugal, Coratina from Italy and Picual from Spain. Or any selection from different countries or featuring three different intensities: delicate, medium and robust. 

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Print one of our EVOOPREMIUM.SHOP TASTING FORMS for each taster and distribute pencils with different colors.

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 3.

Pour a small amount of each of the olive oils (a tablespoon or two) into a small tapered glass for each participant. 

In professional tastings, olive oil is placed in dark blue glasses so the tasters are not influenced by the color of the EVOO.

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Glass heat cover Glass roll

Hold the glass in one hand to warm it up and use your other hand to cover the glass while swirling the oil to release its aroma.

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 5.
Eye close Glass inhal

After 20 seconds, close your eyes, uncover the glass and inhale deeply the fruity aroma from the top of the glass through your nose. 

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 6.
Apple Banana Leaf Tomato

Enjoy and evaluate the aromas, such as apples, bananas, green grass, tomatoes, almonds, herbs and sweetness. Make notes on the EVOOPREMIUM.SHOP TASTING FORM. 

An oil’s freshness palette is the most important attribute and individual characteristic, influenced by the place of origin, climate, variety, the ripeness of the olives and quality of production of the olive juice. 

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 7.
Glass mouth Notes

Put some oil in your mouth and slurp the oil; this is done by taking a small amount of oil into your mouth while “sipping” some air as well. Slurping emulsifies the oil with air - giving you the chance to savor every nuance of the level of flavor – its bitterness and pungency. Make your notes on EVOOPREMIUM.SHOP TASTING FORM. 

Bitterness and pungency are typical signs of high quality olive oil, as long they are balanced and pleasant. 

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 8.
Glass mouth Chili

Finish by swallowing the oil and note if it leaves a stinging sensation in your throat. 

Even if the sensation is strong, it will disappear in a few seconds: a typical feature of top quality extra virgin olive oil.

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 9.
Discuss Eye open

Compare the results of all tasters marked on EVOOPREMIUM.SHOP TASTING FORMS. Find and evaluate the differences, discuss, play with it and taste the next type of EVOO.

We recommend cleaning your mouth with a pinch of salt or a bite of the green apple between tastings sessions. 

stocksy-txp98c6865eztn100-medium-1098097.jpg 10.
Bowl pasta Cheese Fish Vegetables

Consider that an olive oil that's too strong on its own might be perfect when added to different types of food, e.g. salad or meat. Try your preferred olive oil with a selection of foods. Taste the difference.

Enjoy & taste life! tasting form

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